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Biological Nanomanufacturing Summer School

Hosted by: UC Irvine and UT Dallas



Advances in nanomanufacturing are expected to drive growth and innovation in numerous industries, including electronics, clean energy, national security, and human health. The Biological Nanomanufacturing Summer School (BNSS) is training a new generation of engineers and scientists trained in interdisciplinary nanomanufacturing techniques. BNSS uses laboratory demonstrations, industrial lectures, and experiential learning to educate students about manufacturing, biotechnology, and nanoscience. BNSS focuses on exploring the self-assembly of biologically inspired electronics via a case study format, with a range of examples drawn from the fields of physics, chemistry, biology, electrical engineering, and materials science. The first annual BNSS was conducted in May 2013 at UCI, in a collaborative effort with the University of Texas, Dallas, Occidental College, and Mt. St. Mary's College. In subsequent years, BNSS will expand to include Columbia University and six more primarily undergraduate institutions. The overall, long-term goal of the program will be to create a paradigm shift in modern nanomanufacturing education.



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Principles of Microfabrication Prof. Marc Madou
Nanoimprint Lithography Prof. Albert Yee
Biological and Bioinspired Self-Assembly Mary Dickson
Materials Characterization Prof. Dan Mumm
Atomic Force Microscopy Long Phan
Electrochemistry of DNA Analysis Prof. Jason Slinker
Conductance of Single DNA Molecules Prof. Alon Gorodetsky



Clean Room Tour INRF and BION
RapidTech Tour RapidTech
Jazz Semiconductor Tour Jazz Semiconductor


Lab Demonstrations

DNA Synthesis Demonstraion Gorodetsky Lab
AFM and SEM Demonstration LEXI Center
Electrical Measurement Demonstration Gorodetsky Lab


Participating Institutions

Occidental College

Mount Saint Mary's College



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